Hello, I suppose your here because you have an issue with a purchase you have made from our site. Well your in the right place and I apologize for any issues you are experiencing with our products we try hard to make make a quality and robust product but things do happen and we will do everything to make your purchase right and you happy!

There is a warranty on most products on this site and its usually a year from date of purchase, if your having a problem and you are under a year from date of purchase please contact me at I do not have a typical RMA system in place, you may be asked to send your product in for service or repair, please include (inside the box!!) your name and return address, issue you are having (mark the unit with tape where you think the issue is), a note explaining the problem ( I get a lot of emails with people asking a lot of questions its hard to remember what we may have discussed regarding your particular situation), so please make sure there is a note inside the box/package along with any relevant receipts or order numbers and of course the product!

If you have a issue with a product and you are over a year from date of purchase please use this link to send the product back to me, this link takes you to a repair return purchase with instructions, this is a nominal fee charged and usually covers most repairs as well as shipping back to you.

In the event that you have a major problem/issue please contact me directly: to discuss the next steps.

I know it was a lot of reading, just trying to make it easier to do this process for you and for me.

Thank you for your business and again apologize if you are having issues with a product and want you to know that I will take care of it.